seo 4 Things About Local Seo That You Should Always Remember

Local SEO can be very tricky terrain. You not only need to do the basic SEO activities, but you also need to compliment them with another complex set of SEO actions. The kind of things that you need to do to get results at the end of the day can be very confusing and somewhat overwhelming. Hence to guide the online business owners, this piece has been put together which will enlist 4 things about local SEO that you should always remember.


  1. Regularity in online listings:- NAP is the abbreviation for Name, Address and Phone Number and is one of the most important factors in local SEO. Most online businesses know about this and have facilitated this on their websites. But most businesses aren’t doing it right and that is where the problem is. Around 80% of small businesses haven’t updated their online listings in ages and more than a majority of these businesses have inconsistent and inaccurate listings, to begin with. Inconsistent and inaccurate listings can affect your rankings adversely and kill all the gains that you make have made through your SEO campaigns or paid-for local SEO packages.


  1. Additional information in listings – Though it may be easy to get listed in local directories, it is quite difficult to fill out these directories in a manner that harnesses their complete potential. It takes time and a lot of energy. But for businesses who wish to get a better rank for themselves, they need to fill these directories with as much information as they possibly can. It has been proven through many studies that consumers searching for listings locally, look forward to seeing enough information to deem the product or service provider as ‘credible’. That’s perhaps why online business owners or the experts hired by them need to make sure that they fill these directories as much as possible to the best of their abilities.


  1. Social media accounts:- It is possible to reap dividends from local SEO without even having a website. Local SEO has grown so much in the past couple of years that having a website isn’t exactly the primary need for the success of local SEO campaigns. But you can’t do without social-media accounts as customers treat it as your de facto website. It would be criminally negligent on your part to not have social media accounts of your business in today’s day and age when everything is moving ‘online’ and the Internet is becoming a bigger part of our lives with every passing day. Not having a robust social media presence for your business and expecting it to get organic traffic is wishful thinking. Most people are going to check up your business on different social media platforms rather than visiting your website and you need to take make social media accounts for your business at the earliest if you haven’t done so already.


  1. Reviews:- You need to encourage people to post reviews about your business on your website and other websites. It isn’t in your control and there’s nothing much you can do about it, rather than encouraging them and being sincere about it because sincerity always pays dividends in the long run. You can use plenty of tricks to compel users to leave reviews. Apart from some freebies, you can also send them subtle reminders. You need to do everything in your power and ability to ensure that users leave reviews more often (without getting overbearing) because they are essential for local SEO and that’s why it makes sense to put in so much effort to get them. Google is more prone to delivering results that come with a lot of higher reviews and that is what you should aim for at all times.


Wrapping Up


The prevalent techniques, tools, and enhancements in SEO look very different when viewed through the prism of local SEO. Local businesses are heavily dependent on local SEO for their survival and these businesses need to do the best they can because the competition is expected to get a lot more cut-throat in the times to come.

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