Events 5 Essential Tools To Use Social Media For Events

With the increasing no. of users of the internet, all the things are affected in some sort of online. You can now build your event strategy while considering the online aspects through social media.

Social media is the most effective marketing tool nowadays. But social media also need some supporting tools to help in the marketing efforts of an event. There are so many tools for event management available online at many websites.


If you want to use social media for events, you should try the following tools and make your event more special.


Tools To Use Social Media For Events

1. Bizzabo-


Bizzabo offers many features to event planners and organizers. It helps in creating very engaging and attractive online marketing campaigns. This tool allows units to put together a real-time digital experience for attendees and contribute online identities to further help in event management.


When you start to pick the power features of Bizzabo holds. It has a Ticket Boost Tool by which, you can enable organizers to increase event range and drive engagement through social sharing of the attendee. So this is a pretty good tool to use social media for events.

2. Taggbox-


Another very astounding tool in this list is Taggbox. It helps in making a social media wall to use social media for events. With this, you can present the social media engagement regarding your event or anything you want.

Taggbox 5 Essential Tools To Use Social Media For Events

It is one of the best tools out there if you want to make your event more engaging. Moreover, it provides plenty of features that you can use to make it more relatable and matching.

You can install a digital screen to the area where your attendees can see it. This is a perfect use of user-generated content submitted by people on social media platforms. It is very easy to operate and set up so it is very convenient for event planners and organizers.


3. Eventbrite-


Eventbrite is a tool to make event hosting experience easier. It is an easy-to-operate tool to help event organizers with any requirement of an event. It has a collection of tools for different aspects of an event like advertisements, registrations, tickets, payments, etc.


It is useful for any kind of events no matter how big or small it is. With this tool, you’ll end up saving a very significant amount of resources and efforts with great results. It is very good at using social media for events that you can promote your event on different social media platforms.


Eventbrite provides extra features like widget website integration and a kind of app market known as Spectrum. It also provides an organizer application for iOS and Android for free.

4. TicketSource-

TicketSource is free of cost tool that can help you in promoting, selling and organizing events any style of event. You can easily create a personalized interface to sell out tickets for your event.

They also have a very useful application known as TicketShop to sell the event tickets seamlessly. They also provide offline event things like planners with wireless scanning kits and app, e-ticket printing equipment, wristbands, etc.


It requires the guest to spend some money as booking pays, though, it is free for the organizers of the events. You can integrate your listings on facebook where you created your events facebook page. Thus, it also helps in using social media for events in a significant way.

5. EventBee-

EventBee helps many event organizers in making people purchase tickets and set up for the event. If your audience base is pretty small, then you can go to broader social networks to those who might want to attend with EventBee.


It enables attendees to spread your event’s info by sharing their attendance at the event with their networks. It has a nice user-experience with a greatly optimized user-interface which makes it very useful in adding social media for events.

Leaving It On You…

As there are many more online tools to make your event more special and unique. Still its totally onto you whether or not to use them.


So we’re leaving it on you on how, where, or when to use social media for events as it is becoming to approach of the time ahead.


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