smart 5 Smart Home Devices You Must Keep In Your Home


People believe they need specialized expensive thermometers at their home to monitor room temperature but with the Thermopeanut you can monitor your room temperature without spending much money. You can use the Thermopeanut to measure temperature in your bedroom fridge basement camping or anywhere go easily. The Thermopeanut has Bluetooth connectivity and comes with a smartphone app that lets you monitor your room temperature via your smartphone.

You can also attach multiple Thermopeanut in different room and monitor them simultaneously. You can set the Thermopeanut with the home hub to get real-time alerts from anywhere in the world plus it stores up to 15 days of data in its memory while you are away. The Thermopeanut lets you monitor your room temperature in a cheap way to ensure you and your beloved ones comfort.

Satechi Dual Smart Outlet

Everyone has power outlets at home to power up devices with Stechi smart outlet you can turn your conventional power outlets into a smart one in a cheap way. Its compact two in one design expands your power outlet to connect up to two appliances at once and has a maximum output of 1800 watts.

The Stechi Dual Outlet is designed to work with apple homekit it connects to your existing 2.5GHz wireless network and appliances to activate. You can use the home app to create and customize scenes and call on Satechi to activate a preset series of actions to make your life more convenient.

It features real-time power monitoring so you can keep an eye on your high powered appliances and helps to reduce excess power usage. You can also schedule appliances to turn off when needed, if you are looking for a smart outlet to control your smart home devices besides just providing power with an affordable price then the Satechi Dual Smart Outlet is a right choice for you.

Fox & Summit Door Sensor

Home security can be an expensive investment to ensure your home security and making a smart home but with a smart window or door sensor from Fox & Summit you can easily do that without spending much of money.

It comes with a magnetic sensor that can detect once a door or window has been opened or closed to send a notification directly to your mobile device while you watching your favorite movie on Movie Hustle at your phone. This sensor has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which lets you connected with the FS home app on your smart phone.

The app lets you check if any door or window was mistakenly kept open or not and close them with just a tap on your smart phone. It runs on two triple a alkaline batteries which can provide a battery life up to six month without interruption. If you are looking for a cheap home security sensor to enhance your home security then the Fox & Summit window door sensor is the right choice for you.


Security cameras for home can be a costly decision to ensure your home security and monitor them smartly but with the EZVIZ Mini O security camera you can monitor your home in a cheap way. This security camera can record videos in 720 resolution and has a 111 degree of view which provides you a crystal clear view of your surroundings without any interruption when it’s dark.

The EZVIZ Mini O automatically switches into the night vision mode for around the clock HD video coverage which can cover up to 7.5 meters so that you can have visual of your surroundings even at night. The EZVIZ Mini O supports two way talk which lets you have conversation with your loved ones or pets with HD clarity.

It comes with a motion sensor which allows you to detect any movement when a movement is detected it will take picture and send an alert to your smartphone. Plus it supports up to 256GB of storage where it can store all photos and videos.

This device also works with Amazon Alexa when connected with Alexa compatible devices and that lets you control your smart home devices with your voice command. If you are looking for a cheap security camera to enhance your home security then the EZVIZ Mini O always the right choice for you.

LIFX Smart Bulb

No smart home is complete without a smart bulb to provide brightness in the night but everyone believes smart bulbs are expensive now. The LIFX smart bulb a cheap and innovative smart bulb series to make your home lighting experience smart. The mini color smart light can provide 800lumen of brightness and features not millions but billions of colors plus a huge warm cool wide range.

It works with all major voice assistance and lets you change color gain no or add the lights with just your voice command without leaving your comfort zone. You can also use the LIFIX smart phone app to change color team on and off and lots more with just a tap on your smartphone. 

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