Follow Step 5 Social Media Tips For Ecommerce Businesses

There’s always room for growth with social media marketing in e-commerce. If you’re looking for ways that your social media can help generate sales or want to reach out and engage with your target audience in a new creative way, then look no further. The following 5 tips below will help you utilize your social media networks to best support your business.


Follow your audience


There are so many social media platforms out there that you need to remember who your target audience is and which platform they would most often frequent.


Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, you need to be where your target market is in order for your social media marketing to be effective.


Even once you have chosen your target market’s desired social platform, don’t forget to research the most popular time of day to engage with your followers. You can check this through the insights tab on Facebook & Instagram. Once you know the most popular time of day you can schedule in your content for those times.


Create and share customer content

Social media is the perfect platform for you to showcase content from your current customers.

Follow your audience on social media

Posting user-generated content featuring your products is essential for showing your brand in a good light. Not only are you actively engaging with previous customers, but you are showing prospective consumers you are a trustworthy brand that values their opinions.


When customers share photos that feature your product it will not only raise awareness of your brand but will create authenticity for your product. When you share these images on your own social media accounts you are also showing your customers how much you value them. This conveys social listening and can contribute to customer loyalty ensuring increased conversion rates and repeat purchases.


Get visual


Ensure you catch the attention of your audience with compelling images alongside your posts.


If you want to get creative there are many tools out there that can help with this, such as Canva or Buffer’s Pablo. Use this image to grab a shopper’s attention. They can be inspirational, personal or attainable images that will appeal to your target audience. Remember to illustrate the offer or product information in your caption with a link to your product or landing page.


This is a creative way to promote certain products, offers or seasonal sales.


Make the purchase process on social media easy


Customers want a quick, fuss-free purchase experience. It is vital that you make your purchases on social media seamless. This means that there should only be a few steps that take the buyer from the discovery stage to checkout.

You can create this by using features such as, “Buy Now,” on your Instagram or Facebook accounts.


Work with social media influencers


Influencers are the new go-to people to promote any product on social media. They wield a lot of influence across certain social media networks and can go a long way in influencing how people can feel about a certain product or brand.

If you want to boost your e-commerce sales, working with a social media influencer would be a good idea. There are a few ways in which you can work with them to promote your business, but make sure the influencer you are working with is the relevant face for your brand and represents your brand ethos.

Once you have secured promotion with an influencer you could have them post a photo featuring your products, remember that it is important for them to tag and mention you, so that their followers know where to get this product.

Another idea would be having the influencer review their experience from buying from you. Another idea would be promoting a special discount code through the influencer to help boost engagement with their followers and create an added incentive for your product.


Written by Stuart Cooke, Blog Editor at, an online luggage delivery service that is embracing social media.

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