Architectural design of 6 storey Top 7 beautiful storage patterns

The townhouses were dubbed the style that many people liked, favored by its popularity, preferred because perhaps it will always keep up with the tastes of users. Here we would like to introduce to you 5 beautiful town houses

Model of a 5-story townhouse with modern style

This model of townhouse is designed in modern style, with pillars and shapes that are arranged in a reasonable manner, creating a very beautiful house. The lower floor is used for business and sales.

Should be designed very wide front doors, used for glass materials for windows, as well as the main door.

mau nha pho nha ong dep Top 7 beautiful storage patterns

Making the building both modern and radiating the inherent elegance of the house. The house, although the area is not too large, but with an area of 5 floors, still provides enough space for all family members

A modern 3-storey model house

Designed as a mini apartment, this architectural townhouse design evokes the feeling of a strong, flexible home. The first floor is still designed for sales and sales. From the second floor is designed to stay. Although only with 2 floors but with the advantage of quite large ground area, it is still sufficient for all family members to use.

3 storey model house Top 7 beautiful storage patterns

The first floor house is solid marble tiles. Make the house always feel new and modern. The second floor of the house is tiled with stylized bricks, both making the house feel solid and capable of covering the blanket of sunlight and dust.

Model of modern 3-storey garden town house

Model of townhouses with modern style designed by prominent architects. On the first floor, the architect used iron material to make the door, this material has the effect of shielding but still not losing the ventilation of the house. Very convenient, the architects took advantage of an outer space to make a garage for cars.

3 storey garden town house Top 7 beautiful storage patterns

The roof is used for gardening, both for growing vegetables and for ornamental plants, helping the family to increase clean food as well as helping indoor space to save air with outer space.

Help the house become more open and close to nature. Still with equally well-organized shapes, creating a perfect home without sinking points.

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Sample of 2-storey townhouses in a modern style

With few members to use, the house only needs 2-storey architecture. Downstairs has just made a car garage, as well as a reception room, kitchen and dining room. Above is rest and washing. With a space not too wide but with a reasonable and beautiful architecture that makes the house become so great.

2 storey townhouses Top 7 beautiful storage patterns

With an area not too large, but the architect tried to alternate with the space with greenery, helping the house to be more beautifully decorated but also to help the indoor space to be exchanged with trees.

homeowners live in there will always feel close to nature and more open air. This architectural design is an optimal architecture for small families who prefer compactness and sophistication.

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Modern and sophisticated one-story townhouse model

One-story townhouses may not be chosen by too many people, because according to the thinking that townhouses are houses with an area not too large, so having to build many floors will optimize the living space for the whole family.

sophisticated one storey  Top 7 beautiful storage patterns

But it is also possible that because many people are not good, this one-story townhouse design is also a very optimal choice. It can be cost-effective, but dividing many small rooms can also fully meet the needs of each member’s living and living space.

Beautiful modern 4-storey model townhouse

Design of houses with modern and professional architecture, designed in parallel between architectural blocks, designed with car garage, from the second floor up is the living space of the members. in the family. The architect has designed more green trees to adorn the house more perfectly.

4 storey model town house Top 7 beautiful storage patterns

With the front design used in its entirety is toughened glass material for the window. Helps to ventilate as well as bring natural light into the house.

Architectural design of 6-storey townhouses

With 6-storey town house architecture, there are few houses built with such height. With this house getting a construction permit is also an arduous process. There aren’t too many elaborate motifs, but the highlight is extremely clear. On the second floor, the house has a dark yellow granite facade, which is a different highlight for the whole building.

Architectural design of 6 storey  Top 7 beautiful storage patterns

Helping people look will reduce the height of the building. Also the building is more reasonable and perfect.From the 3rd floor up, the building is constructed with similar lines to create a uniform feeling.

But the interior of the house’s sixth floor is painted light yellow to make a difference from other floors, making people feel more harmonious. The architects still decorate more trees to help the house have more air from nature, comfort and ventilation for the house.

Thank you for reading through our article. Hopefully you will find something or a great idea for your home. Thanks everyone.

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