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Tamil Nadu is known for its rich heritage and tradition with cultural and human values. Having wide range of beautiful tourist attractions, Tamil Nadu is also famous for delicious cuisines in South India. With unique taste in food, love in hearts, eagerness in welcoming the people from anyplace, Tamil Nadu offers wholesome touring destinations for honeymooners also.

Splendid mountains, peaceful hill stations, scenic beaches, beautiful waterfalls, lush meadows, and breezy resorts of Tamil Nadu welcomes every sort of people to get relaxed and rejuvenated. Let’s check some of the best tourist places in Tamil Nadu.

Enjoy your romantic vacation at Queen of Hills

Hills tamil nadu Best Tourist Places inTamil Nadu in August

Ooty fondly called as Queen of Hills and it is one of the most frequented in the list of tamilnadu honeymoon tourist places. The stupendous green hills and scenic gardens of Ooty has been an apt choice for the couples for long time. The mild weather, pleasant streams in the forest, botanical garden, and there are many other places to witness the beauty of the nature. Couples can enjoy their romantic time here like never before.

Witness and experience the joy of nature

joy of nature Best Tourist Places inTamil Nadu in August

Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is also called as Prince of Hills; nature has bestowed its best here. It is a must-see hill station with amazing places pleases the eyes, fills the soul and relates the senses with love. With charmingbackdrops that calls you for duet, you can have a Best honeymoon or romantic trip with your partner here. Fantastic viewpoints, lakes and streams makes this place enticing.

Paradise of Nature welcomes the couples

meghamalai hills Best Tourist Places inTamil Nadu in August

Clouds fall for Mountains at the picturesque Meghamalai Hills. The highway mountains ranges have been a wonderful place of solitude to get lost in the tranquillity and awesomeness of the nature. You will gather countless memories here as you can elevate your love for your partner to next level. The weather and matchless beauty of this place takes your mind completely ruled by love. Meghamali Hills is sure a part of  low-cost honeymoon packages in Tamil Nadu.

Majestic hill station to experience calm Ambience

If you are looking for a calm honeymoon destination or a place where you want to unravel your love in a peaceful atmosphere, then Connoor could be a great choice for you. It is one of the beautiful hill stations in Nilgiri Strict, Tamil Nadu. Connoor is a majestic hill station, small in size with marvelous tourist attractions. Do not forget to visit Dolphin’s nose, Catherine Falls, Hidden Valley and other places.


Experience the feel of two hearts becoming one

Kanyakumari Best Tourist Places inTamil Nadu in August

Kanyakumari is a famous tourist spot with rich culture and a popular honeymoon place in Tamil Nadu. Couples and honeymooners can enjoy their time together at striking beaches. The best thing to do here is to watch the sunrise – one of the most beautiful show by the nature ever. Addedly, the Sunset also would be an amazing show that no one would want to miss.  Vattakottai Fort, Thriuchendur temple are some of the most frequented places to see.

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Adventurous time with fun to the core

Kovalam beach is situated between Chennai city and Mahabalipuram. If you are eager to enjoy adventure activities, water sports and have fun in boat sailing then Kovalam is a right choice for you. With high spirits, have your adventurous trip here by doing parasailing, water skiing, boat sailing,and windsurfing can be experienced.

The wild beauty of Mudumalai at Nilgiris

Nilgiris Best Tourist Places inTamil Nadu in August


Masinagudi in Mudumalai is another picturesque hill station in Nilgiris and worth visiting with your partner to enjoy a wildlife trip. The beauty of this hill is the rich biodiversity and vegetation that captivates the heart. Mudumalai National park is not to miss, you can enjoy a safari with a local help and if your luck strikes, you can witness some animals like Leopard, Elephant,and Tiger. The enormous beauty of this place would make you to go for it again. It is one of the widely accessed honeymoon spots in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu border.

Pleasant weather and pleasing sights for you

Yercaud is one of the most popular hill stations in Eastern Ghats and increasing number of honeymooners and couples visit here every year. The stunning colonial buildings, beautiful lakes and mesmerizing sights from viewpoints and enjoyable waterfalls of Yercaud is captivating to feel the breeze in your soul with your partner.

Get drenched in love with the natural spa

Kutrallam is a widely known waterfalls and proven to have medicinal qualities that cures ailments to different extent. Therapeutic peace and physical healing take place here as the water flows through the herbs that are rich in medicinal quality. Rejuvenate your mind and body with your partner to step into next level of healthy living together.

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