Z01 Buying tips to buy the best top loading washing machine in India

Are you searching to buy the best washing machine? Are you confused between the front loader and the top loader? Whichever you choose, it should be durable and also should fit in your laundry needs and requirements.

Top Loader Vs. Front Loader – Which Is a Better Choice?

It would be fair enough to say that both the machines have certain unique qualities that make both of them a great choice to buy individually. The top loaders are easy to operate, user-friendly, have short wash cycles and easy to maintain. It is not very prone to mild dew and molds appearing.

On the other hand, the front loaders are efficient washers because of its washing drum structure which is horizontal and does not require gallons of water. Even a small amount of water can be evenly disturbed for washing the clothes. It is quite energy efficient. They are loaded with features that enables the machine to inform you of the exact time in which your clothes will be washed. So, you can do the other work in the meantime. According to many environmentalists, they are the best choice but they are very much prone to getting mild dew and molds.

If you want your washing machine to be functional and simple yet user-friendly then without any doubt, choose a top loader washing machine.

How To Find the best top loading washing machine in India

Once you have decided to choose a top loader, then you must start searching for the best brands and their top models. Following are some buying tips that you should keep in mind when buying the best top loading washing machine in India:

1. Choose the right size

A huge, bulky machine doesn’t need to always give you the best washing drum capacity, You have to look for the top loader that has a good size of the drum that can fit your washing needs and requirements. A machine which can take up to 7kg of clothes load is the perfect choice for large size family.

2. Smart top-loaders with eco-friendly features

In today’s time going for a machine that is inefficient is of no point. Go for the one which has energy-efficient features like the one which according to the load of clothes can use the right amount of water and set the timer. For example, if the load is less it can take the time of 40mins and if the load is more it takes the time of 60mins. In such a case, both water and electric energy are saved.

3. Check out the benefits of having an agitator-less washer

Having an agitator-less washer will leave more space for your clothes to fit in and also will let you wash delicate garments and lingerie. Instead of the agitator, wash plates are used that are present on the bottom side of the machine. The churning action will also be the cleaning action for the machine.

For the best top loading washing machine in India check out brands like IFB, Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool. They have the best machines with high-end features at affordable prices.

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