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Career counseling 

Every student in his (or her) lifetime faces some complex decisions about his or her career. Students often get confused with their career choice. These decisions can come at any stage, to help the students make the right choice there are career counselors. Career counseling focuses majorly on the career development of the student. Many centers conduct online career tests to understand the dreams and knowledge of the student.

Process of career counseling

Career counselors opt for a basic plan for every student. This plan consists of five steps. The first step is to get to know the student, his (or her) strengths and weaknesses, his likes and dislikes, his interests, etc. the second step is to explore all the options available with regards to the information gathered. The third step is decision making; the student decides from his given option which career he likes the best. The fourth step is preparation for the plan to be executed successfully. The fifth step is the implementation of that plan.

Benefits of career counseling

Career counseling helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses with the help of online career tests. It also helps students to set long term goals for their careers by guiding them through the process. Counselors are the best person to clear all the confusion regarding career choice. Counselors explore the different careers suitable for the student. The counselors explain every job opportunity available in a field. Students receive motivation and reassurance by the counselors to pursue a career. All these benefits aid a student to make an intelligent decision.

Where to get career counseling 

There are two ways to obtain career counseling. Online counseling is through several websites such as idreamcareer. They determine your aptitude through online career tests and advise accordingly. After sharing career preferences, they provide the options pursuable. Offline counseling is where you meet the counselor and discuss all your queries, share your preferences, and discuss further options pursuable. There are many counseling centers available in India. 

Career counseling is necessary for a student’s life; it helps the student to make an intelligent and wise decision. It saves the students from despair over options not taken. Students who have gone through career counseling tend to achieve more success as career counselors understand in depth about the background, interests, and strengths of the student and help them choose the dream career.  

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