brown wooden chair on gray concrete floor Hiring a Mover - Knowing The Basics

Hiring a Mover – Knowing The Basics

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Many people depending on the situation are almost forced to move. Whether its that they have a job opportunity in some other city or if natural disaster strikes and they have to relocate. Many times when people move to another city or state they do not have a sense of […]

Company Research

Company Research, What is it, and how to do it?

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How would you like it if you had a well-researched database about a company before making a big decision? A report about the various aspects of the company, it’s inner workings, it’s financial structure would make a tremendous difference to the decision making process. A company research report does just that. […]

Corporate Tax Rates History of the Ancient Ruins of Ayutthaya in Thailand 2020

Corporate Tax Rate decreases for Domestic Companies

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Introduction Indian government slashed corporate tax rates for domestic companies. This move was done to generate fresh investments and to promote the MAKE IN INDIA campaign. The second main intention was to encourage manufacturing and entrepreneurship.   Rate reduction for existing companies   According to the income tax act 1961 provision: All […]

readymade matrimonial website How to start the matrimonial bureau business in India

How to start the matrimonial bureau business in India

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If its India then marriage bureau is a sure shot to go for. It is the business which doesn’t get affected by the recession. It is one of those ever green businesses.Once you attain the head start and manage well for a few years, it will be like walking in […]

jaipur kurti Top 10 Wholesale Market in India

Top 10 Wholesale Market in India

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Second to China, India is the most densely populated country of the world. It has the second largest population in the world. This signifies that a lot of potential and wholesale opportunities are present here. India is just a little behind the china in terms of population. Though as compared […]