1. Spider follow links from one page to another and—pages they find on their way


2.When a seach engine receives a search engine request, it compares the —with index pages in the database

Ans – index

3.search engine look for sites that employ—-in order to remove them from their indices

Ans- black hat seo

4. Most users find a seach engine result they like within the top — result presented

Ans 10

5.Which of the following statments about SERP is true?

Ans – all of these

6.Provide the directory search result for yahoo

Ans yahoo directory

7. Which of the following content types is most easily crawled by the major search engines?


8.Which of the following is not seach engine friendly

Ans – Iframe

9.According to Google Focus on the –and seach engine rank will follow

Ans user

10. Which of the following links are most undesirable for crawlers?


11. What is the interval for updating pagerank by google

Ans – in continuation

12.Where do seach engines for content inside an iframe?

Ans – On the source page of the iframe

13 Google pagerank is commonly represented on scale from

Ans – 0to10

14. The keyword and description attributes belong to which of the following tags?


15.Which of the following options is used to associate the country-coded domain name called

`mypages.fr with france

Ans- None of the these the search engine automatically associatest the country coded domain with  country

16- Beside Google which of the following search engine use page rank

Ans – none of these

17.Which of the Following statements about SERP is true?

Ans- All of these

18.Do stylesheet influence search engine ranking?

Ans – skip ths

19.Which of the following search engine uses the hilltop algorithm

Ans –Google

20.Which of the following search engine uses the big daddy algorithm?

Ans – Google

21.Which of  the following statements is true?

Ans – An inbound link from a link farm will cause search engine to penalize a site

22. List sites that are relevant to a given topic.

Ans – Search Directories

23.Which of the following actions can help improve your search engine rank?

Ans- All of these

24.What google algorithm change resulted in the penalization of site that made use of black hat link farms?

Ans- Penguin

25.What is rel=”canonical” tag use for?

Ans – Skip

26. Optimizating a website  primarily involves editing its content,—–and associated coding.?

Ans – HTML

27. SEO Companies that employ overly aggressive techniques can get their client websites—–search result.

Ans – Banned from

28. The black hat technique of “feeding” search engine bots with different HTML code than the HTML code actually served to user is commonly known as—–

Ans – cloaking

28. Which of the following  is an ethical technique for improving a site rank?

Ans – Rewrite title tags writing relevant and unique content on your web pages

29. For a page to rank high for a particular keyword,which of the following is least important?

Ans – Density of that particular keyword in the website

30.What is the importance of a sitemap?

Ans – it can help search engine crawler/spider access the pages of your site

32. white hat technique are most recommend for SEO

Ans – White

33.Which of the following is least important for search engine optimization?

Ans – Gernal internet skills

34. Which of the following actions is not considered  unethical?

Ans – Redirection of user based on their location

35. Which of the following link schemes will not adversely affect your site?

Ans – Linking to other sites you think your user will find interesting or useful

36.Which of the following is black hat SEO?

Ans – Link Farming

37.What is page swapping?

Ans – replacing a page with another after using the first page to achieve a high page rank

38. Which of the following is the correct way to use the META robots tag to prevent crawlers from indexing a page but allow links on the page to be followed?

Ans – robots=”noindex follow”

39. Which of the following lines should be added in the robots.txt file to specifically allow the robot bigbot to crawl a site?

Ans – Useragent-bigbot and disallow

40. Which of the following  best describes LSI- Indexing

Ans – the page that appears when a customer clicks on an search engine  result link.

41. What does 10% search engine saturation mean with respect to a website?

Ans – 10% of user on the internet will visit this website

42. Do stylesheet influence search engine ranking?

Ans – Idont know

43. What  is the rel=”canonical” tag used for?

Ans – to stop the passing of page rank to this link.

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