1.search engine—– web looking at text item

Ans- crawl

2.seo may target different kinds of searches like

Ans- all of these

3. SEO helps give a website

Ans – web presense

4. The term “search engine friendly”is used to describe web site designs that have been optimizied for the purpose of—

Ans – Search engine exposure

5.The page rank algorithm is function of the quantity and strength of—-

Ans – inbound links

6. which of the following are search engine?

Ans – all of these

7.is measure of the value of a site based upon the number and quality of site that link to it.

Ans- link popurlarity

8.words like”or”,and”,and”in”that are not indexed by search engine are called.

Ans- stop words

9.which of the following file formats can not be read by search engine


10.what could cause multiple pages of a website to be listed with the title but no snipet?

Ans – any of these

11. Which of the following factors is not considered by major seach engine in measuring relevance and popularity in their ranking algorithms?

Ans-keyword dessity of the page content

12. Google pagerank is commonly represented on scale from

Ans – 0 to 10

13. Seo is branch of —–

Ans – search engine marketing

14. In which part of the HTML of a page is the least important area to have keywords?

Ans – meta keywords

15. Which of the following is not available in current keyword research sources

Ans – CPC paid by ppc advertiser

16. Which of the following search engine allow the nocontent attribute.

Ans – yahoo

17. What is the best method to associate your.sg site with singapore in search engine listing

Ans – search engine should automatically associate

18. What is page rank

Ans – The way google measure how popular a given page is based on the number and quality of site that like to it.

19. What of the following statement is true.

Ans- google has a special form on the website to allow user to report spam

20. Which of the following methods is mot used to find a website?

Ans – search engine

21. —-list sites that are relevant to a given topic.

Ans- search directories

22. Search directories are usually maintained by—

Ans – humans

23. Search directories like DMOZ and Yahoo! are maintained by===

Doubt – 24. So you’ve just build your brand new web site . Excellent now what the best method for getting listed in the search engines?

Ans- none of these

Ans- Hire and seo firm that has the knowledge and experience to quickly get your site listed

25. Optimizating a website helps remove barriers to the —–activities of search engines.

Ans- indexing

26. Black hat SEO uses—- to affect the releveance of search results

Ans – all of these

27.—–is another name for black hat SEO

Ans – spamdexing

28. SEO companies that employ overly aggresive techniques can get their client

websites——-search results.

Ans – banned form

29. Which of the following is an ethical technique for improving a site rank?

Ans -Re-writing title tags, writing relevant and unique content on your web pages

30.For a page to rank high for a particular keyword,which of the following is LEAST


Ans – W3C validation of a page

31.which is the most important strategy,when shifting pages from one URL TO other?

Ans – Use 301 redirect and inform the search engine provider through webmaster tools

32.where are the most effective places to deploy keywords?

Ans – Title heading tag body content ALT and title

33.Which of the following best describes order of importance from and seo perspective?

Ans – Title body content,Anchors

34.Which of the following techniques is NOT considered unethical

Ans – Use rel=”nofollow’attibutes in interal linking

35.which of the following is ethical SEO?

Ans – Cross-linking between sites owned by the same company

36.Search engine penalized your site for duplicate content.what should you do

Ans – none of these

37. Which of the following is the correct way to use the META robots tag to prevent crawlers from indexing a page but allow links on the page to be followed?

Ans – robots=’noindex,nofollow

38.Which of the following command in Google returns all the pages of a domain that Google has crawled and indexed

Ans – sitewww.domain.com

39.The technique for converting dynamic URLs into a seach engine friendly¬† format is known as —

Ans – URL rewriting

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