Hair Replacement Hair Replacement Overview

Do you think we have modified this image? Does it look so? Well, we didn’t.  We haven’t done any modification or have applied any tools to modify this image. Having Fine and smooth hairs using Non – Surgical Hair Replacement techniques means, you don’t need any modifications in your photos.

Ok Fine. How is that possible? This is the question that might be crossing your mind. Well, most techniques and materials used in Non – Surgical Hair Replacement Industry can help you out with that.

The beauty of the Non – Surgical Hair replacement technique is that any amount of density, whatever the style the customer chooses to have, any color requirements, etc can be achieved without compromising on the quality.

A hair replacement system is designed to implant the hairline in a similar way nature does. This technique of hair replacement can help you to get your natural and undetectable front hairline.

but my hair is Hair Replacement Overview

The work will be done with such minute details that the bleached knots that generally good quality hair systems have, will disappear into the skin and you’ll get a perfectly natural look.

Now you might be wondering what is bleached knots and why are these mentioned here? Bleached knots are an integral part of the process. These are delicate fragmented knots that are exposed to the bleaching process once they are integrated with the hair system base.

The bleaching process helps blend the knot with the hair system. It makes knot virtually appear as if it’s growing from the hair scalp itself.

You will experience the transitional density of the hairline the way nature would provide you. This technique of hair replacement replicates the hair density in a way similar to nature. It would feel like the real hairs are growing from your scalp. The density in the hairline area would be slightly random but gradually it will result in a fine and smooth dense hairs.

The hairs used in the front line will feel so fine and smooth just like real natural hairs. Hair Systems are planted with each hair strands on special lace material in a way that you won’t be able to figure out where is it attached.

And finally, when a good hair system technician applies the stands on the scalp with a uniquely blended bonding adhesive, the strands would completely merge into the skin giving a feel of natural hair. You won’t be able to figure out the attachment, not even from a close view.Bglam Hair Studio Hair Replacement Overview

Non – Surgical Hair Replacement technique eliminates the disadvantages of surgical hair transplantation. The process doesn’t take much of the time and the beauty of this process is all customizations the customer intends to have can be achieved. Outsiders of this industry call the hair systems with different names like Hair Wigs, Hair attachment, etc.

In the professional world, we call it a hair system because one system is different from other systems as one person is hair is different from another one.

No two-person hair in this world is the same. Due to the disadvantages associated with hair transplantation and lack of regulatory control over the so-called doctors who perform transplantation, non – surgical hair replacement technique has gained much of traction. This technique is unisex and can be performed on both men and women with equal ease.

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