If you are a Beginner or Want to learn C# and want to know the advantage of c# or else you are an experience holder seasonal developer. Then you will think this question at least once “Having Knowledge Of C# You will Get Success Or Not” You can say C# and .NET ecosystem is the same.

According to Developers Yes it is possible to get success. It’s is a language to learn something new. It’s cleaner and modern than Java or Python and many other languages. in fact many languages picked features from C#.

You will get success or not it’s a different question. You will get success only if you have strong basic knowledge.there are many reasons why we should go for C#.

1.Different variety

A combination of this to C# and .Net framework becoming more popular in software developer industries. You don’t need to jump on different stacks to get more exposure to different platforms. We have two great options for creating web applications — ASP.NET and Modal View Controller.

The best advantage of C# is it’s better executable speed than other languages. As another language has competition here also competition with Ruby on Rails.

With Xamarin being noninheritable by Microsoft the state of mobile development for the most important platforms is at a good stage. there’s an enormous good thing about maintaining a codebase in one language and having shared libraries across the golem and iOS platforms.

With C# you’ll be able to do all of that. alternative major players during this space area unit React Native backed by Facebook, however, a number of my mobile developer friends would swear on the native platform development.

Azure has grown very fast and MS Cloud service providing various tools for backend code and storage. MS cloud service also provides us background jobs machine learning and many cognitive services. There are a lot of goodies that could make your developing application life easier. if you are an MSDN subscriber, you have a free credit to try them all.

There is no  other platform for doing WPF types of task

As you know there is a huge camp of game developers.C# support best game development engine UNITY. And the visual studio is best for every update of c#.

There is no necessity to learn new libraries and language constructs.

Technical Reasons

C# is based on object-oriented imperative language — you have to tell the computer that what he has to do and system binds into objects modeling your desired world. This method is the most widely used today and therefore you should be a master in these jobs. C# has a number of features from other functional languages

  • C# has LINQ function and this has a brilliant tool for data transformation and filtering.
  • C# latest update has a pattern matching facility.
  • C# has a dynamic feature and Dynamic keyword gives us powerful tools to create DSLs.
  • You can work with JSON APIs

After Experience

One of the largest benefits of C# is that it’s used amongst the wide spectrum of corporations. From small business startups to large companies.

Each kind of company includes a totally different set of challenges and issues thus I like to recommend each applied scientist to travel through every sort in their career. notwithstanding you’re thinking that you’re not created for an enormous corporation, operating for one offers you an honest perspective on what these corporations area unit battling.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum startup sized company doesn’t have to be eighty hours per week work, however, you may need to step into the additional breadth of roles — DevOps, technical support and inexperienced field development.Getting Starte with C Having Knowledge Of C# You will Get Success Or Not

Gaining exposure to varied businesses is feasible with C# while not relearning the framework and language and you’ll be able to focus additional on the domain and team dynamics instead.

Salary reasons

Every one works because they need money. And Many big Organisations are using C# so that there are solid prospects.

  • Knowledge of COBOL gives you a higher payment.
  • If you know old and latest SQL and visual studio version then you can get a higher payment.
  • Average C# Developer can get Salary in India Rs 478,587.

Comparison to other

If we discuss other languages and their weaknesses and strengths then read below.

Java and C# both have a similarity. You will get better options and tools in java in many cases and more support for a few stylish machine learning and massive information frameworks however you won’t be building nice desktop shoppers for Windows. Also, the language commonplace and also the language options are a touch behind C#. Overall, not a foul career selection either.

When talking concerning Ruby, you’ll honestly replace it with Ruby on Rails, because the overwhelming majority of Ruby jobs are Rails jobs. It dominated the net startup world within the past decade. alternative net frameworks held, however you have got a great deal of winning little to medium businesses designed on high of Rails that desires development and maintenance.

it’s an honest selection for startups wherever need|you would like|you wish} to maneuver quick however don’t want to grow the team an excessive amount of. it’s a good choice if you would like to figure out remotely — there are many more choices than in the other language. however, the task market may well be restricted in your space and you’ll be building CRUD net apps.

Javascript is presently high in demand. it’s straightforward to induce into and you’ll write backend with Node.js, desktop applications with a lepton and mobile apps with React Native.

Javascript wasn’t created for maintaining an oversized codebase and also the ever dynamic world of front-end framework gets wearing. and plenty of times it’s simply reinventing the wheel once more.

however, if you’re in the network stack you’ll have some exposure thereto anyway. I’d use it as a secondary language for front-end serious net applications.

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