digital transformation How to Create the Right Mindset for Digital Transformation

Considering that emerging technologies are taking shape and gaining capabilities to deliver an effective solution, it is time for businesses to take a look at digital transformation.

Digital transformation creates unrivaled opportunities for almost every industry. With the help of technology, organizations can create new business models that could totally transform their business and deliver astounding customer experience to the clients.

However, digital transformation is not about technology. A fraction of it is about new-age technology, but the major segment focuses on the “transformation” as a way of doing business, typically a process.

Processes are not without people—who decide a change in the approach of handling business issues and discover a solution to a problem. And the problem with people is they naturally resist change. In business, it requires a lot of push from the decision-makers to help employees and customers accept change, without creating chaos.

In light of this, decision-makers first work on creating a mindset shift that accepts change readily. Here is the list of key elements that promotes a mindset shift for gaining sustainable competitive advantage.

Key Elements for Creating a Mindset for Digital Transformation

Technology has improved communication. It has introduced agility into not just business processes but our daily lives too. Your customers want not just the quality products/services, but with an ethical, responsible, and honest attitude. And most importantly, they want it “now.”

This requires a business model supported by latest digital transformation technologies. While on the road to digital transformation, the biggest roadblock to the digital transformation you will find being in a leadership position is the fear that causes resistance to accepting the transformation.

Here 4 key elements of creating a digital transformation mindset:

  1. Develop Customer Focus:

Every employee of yours is a crusader of customer-service. Ideally, it is they who directly connect with customers, identify their problems, and provide them the solution. So for developing a customer-focused mindset, you have to work with your employees.

While working with your employees, you can understand the nitty and gritty of customer-handling, the challenges they face and the issues raised by the customers. It will help you to understand the operational challenges from the ground and thus enabling you to create better processes in the new model under your digital transformation strategy.

2.Communicate Leadership Agenda to Teams

In the digital disruption cycle, timeline plays a crucial role. You have to stay ahead in the competition and that requires creating a sense of urgency while implementing a digital transformation project. It is recommended to create milestones based on your digital transformation framework and then allocates teams to cover each of the milestones.

Along with creating a sense of urgency in decision-making and performing tasks, being a business leader, you must ensure that along with the new developments in your digital transformation project, you are building an empowered team with a better understanding of processes and how the new digital transformation technologies work.

   3.Implement Proactive Measurements

A proactive leadership should be part of your digital transformation strategy. Thus it is important that the leadership team take proactive measures to implement a solution, while also creating an effective digital culture within the organization

The channels of communication in digital transformation must flow from leadership teams and spread through IT and operations. In a digital-first world, communication will be an effective medium of innovation and change, and at the very beginning, the leadership team should be able to exploit this medium of change effectively.

4. Reinforce Reality

Digital transformation will not work like a magic wand for your business. And this would be a very important aspect of creating the right mindset for digital transformation. Setting goals and then analyzing the goals on the metrics of digital transformation from time to time is crucial to keep your feet grounded

If you have partnered with a software development company, make sure you already have created a layout of your processes, so that they can further help you select the technology.


As mentioned before, building the right mindset should be an effective part of your digital transformation strategy. It requires efforts right from the members in leadership positions and strong collaboration between business, IT, and operations leaders. The collaboration should be efficient in communicating change agenda with every member of the organization, recognize their fears, and help them optimize their skills.


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