watch movie on Telegram How to download movies for free in 2020

Love watching movies but can’t afford expensive subscriptions of supreme paid movies and shows services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hotstar? There are plenty of alternatives to cope up with that problem.

Sure we all like movies, but the mood killer is when they’re paid. It’s not worth it sometimes when you have to pay to enjoy some hours of entertainment.

Why free movies are a necessity?

  • Well, the most prominent reason you’re here because of lack of money. As a student, we can’t afford some things so for movies we have to dig our ways to get them.
  • Streaming services also can’t have all the movies of the world, and we can’t take subscriptions of all the streaming companies. So for the content aren’t available there, we need ways to get them externally.

So here, we’re going to talk about some easy and most effective ways to watch movies and series for absolutely free. They’re tried and trusted methods so you don’t have to think more.

These ways are arranged in ascending order starting from the best, so try them in order.

Best Methods to download movies for free in 2020 –

1. Telegram Channels –

Telegram channels are a great way to download movies, videos, TV and web series, etc. without incurring any cost. You can search up your favorable movie or whatever you want and you will come across a wide range of options to use.

There are two ways you can download movies here –

  • Just join channels for movies that provide a ton of content. You can check out Best Telegram Movies Channels.
  • Or just search for the movie or show you want in the Telegram search bar and there will be channels on that particular need, so join them and enjoy.
How to download movies for free in 2020

It is the fastest and secure method as you’re connected to a safe and secure application rather than a random website.

2. Torrent –

Torrent is a very popular way to get free stuff from the internet. It lets you use many good paid services without spending a single penny.

In order to download movies through Torrent, you need to get the Torrent file for the movie or TV show you want from the internet. It is very easy to find them and once you get the file, you just need to open them in any torrent client software or app.

Popular Torrent client apps include BitTorrent, µTorrent, WebTorrent, Vuze, etc. They all work fine and able to help you in getting free movies.

Note: We do not promote any kind of piracy here, this information is just for educational purposes.

3. Mobile Applications –

There are many applications you can install and download your favorite movies and TV shows. They are easy to install and provide an immense collection for the price of nothing.

Some popular applications to watch free movies are PopcornTime, CyberFlix, Terrarium TV, Couch Potato, ShowBox, etc.

They are not available at the official play store as you can assume why, but you can get them from their official site and kill your boredom at home.

4. Movie Download Websites –

There are plenty of websites in the market you can visit and download movies and web series. They offer a huge online directory of the latest movies and shows so you can get benefit from that.

Most useful free websites are –,,,,,, etc.

Although these websites contain clickbaity and auto pop-up ads so you need to use them carefully. This is also the reason why I’m placing them at the last of the list.

To Conclude –

Yes, we all know that downloading and using paid content for free on the internet could be risky.

So that’s why I provided these awesome methods so that you can get whatever you want while avoiding any mishaps.

The Internet is full of new things and we know these are not all the methods to download free movies out there. So if you know any extra way to get free stuff online, comment down below so you can contribute to the community. Till then keep searching…

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