english speaking Tips a student must embrace to improve English speaking skills

Today, English has become a global language. It is an important skill that a person must possess, to crack a job interview, and rise above all competitors. There is no future for the person who does not have excellent communication skills, especially in English language.

If you have mastered this language at your school level, then there will be no looking back. Schooling plays a strong foundation in honing the speaking skills of a student. It is the responsibility of the schools to encourage students to talk in English with their peers and teachers. They also need to improve the English speaking for 10th class by conducting debates, elocution, and group discussion on any topic every week. This helps the student to improve the speaking skills right from their school days

Few tips that a student can embrace to improve the English speaking for 10th class include:

Speak: There is no shortcut to improve English speaking skills. One thing you need to do is to speak with the people around you. You should not back off when people laugh at your for your english accent, tone, or grammar. Despite making mistakes while speaking, you should always practise it. The more you practice this language, the more confident you will be to talk even in front of your classmates and teachers. This also improves your vocabulary and pronunciation. Speaking is equal to playing a musical instrument. The only way you master is to practice it regularly.

Make use of technology: There are many Smartphone applications that you can download to learn and improve the language. You can use these apps to record the way you are speaking and listening back to identify the mistakes. Once you know where you are making mistakes, do not repeat them the next time you talk. These apps will also help you to improve your vocabulary.

Listen: You need to listen to the news bulletins to pick the new words and observe how they are talking. You can learn the expressions and pronunciation of new words. The more you listen to the news, the more you learn. You need to put what you have learned in practice to remember it forever.

Watch films: You need to watch English movies and pay close attention to the pronunciation and vocabulary. You can imitate the actors to remember the pronunciation forever.

Take part in debates: Debate on the topics that interest you the most with your friends regularly in English. You need to use rich vocabulary while conversing and also listen to the arguments of your friends to catch new words.


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