online business How to market your online business in 2019

You have that “amazing idea for an online business”, you quit your day job, and start working on it. You launch your first product or website, tell all your friends and family about it, even force a few to start using it. Your circle is telling you it’s a great idea, and you’re motivated. But soon after a few months you realise that it’s not going anywhere. You feel that others are way ahead of you and this might not have been the right decision.

Well, launching an online product is only half of the business, the other (slightly bigger) half is marketing.

Accept that it’s overwhelming

Engineering, technology, design, development, deployment, social media, digital marketing, off-page SEO, on-page SEO, analytics, payments … it’s all overwhelming and you need to accept that.

While in a conventional business, the major investment is monetary, in an online business there’s much more. You could spend thousands on Facebook Ads without getting a single sale, you could spend another huge sum on SEO without getting any real traffic. So firstly, you need to accept that it’s overwhelming and you might not know everything.

Treat marketing like a science

When building something, we have many various procedures we follow, we have our list of priorities, deadlines, due dates etc. You need to start treating marketing exactly like you would treat development.

Understand what you want to work on for this week, create deadline and work on that itself. Do not go overboard, neither underperform.

If you get lonely, find others like you and discuss your problems with them.

Don’t go about reading posts on how to get thousands of visitors to your website, instead read about how can you get your first few visitors and give them value. Get on the field and do as much manual work as required.

Create smart campaigns

Do not just run Facebook or Instagram Ads out of whim, sit patiently and create intelligent campaigns. If a visitor has already come to your website then don’t stop there, make sure you retarget your users with appropriate segmentation and by creating “win back” campaigns.

Use Live Demos

All online products are trying their best to improve their marketing methodology, increase the efficiency of their processes and to meet their agenda. To achieve this, everything needs to be streamlined, starting from their first call to the client until deal closure.

When a user visits your page, show them a “Schedule a Demo” page where they can directly book a call with you. Many tools like Appointy, Calendly or Smoopit do this for you for free.

Use Affiliates

Affiliates are partners who help you sell your product and make a commission out of it. The major difference between affiliate marketing & other forms of online marketing is that you only pay your affiliates if they perform. You should definitely learn affiliate marketing & see how you can use it to promote your website.

Upload “How To” videos on Youtube

If you can create small (at least 3 minutes) behind the scenes or tutorial videos for YouTube, it’ll be a great platform to get your product in the eyes of prospective reviewers, vloggers and users. You might not get the number of views you want initially, it’ll help those confused to visit your website or not to make an informed decision.

Promote User Generated Content

No photoshoot or photography sessions can ever beat your customers’ own content. Encourage your users to write about how using your online product is helping them in their daily life, upload it on their social accounts and tag you. Once they do that you can take that content and repost it on your page.

Don’t get overwhelmed!

An online business can survive without marketing but cannot survive without the website and features. Make sure while executing your marketing strategy you do not lose focus on your website! If you feel social media is taking too much of your time, hire a professional to help you! There are services like Smooper that help you get on live 1:1 consultation calls with marketing experts, you can use such services and get the help you need without spending a bomb on agencies

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