readymade matrimonial website How to start the matrimonial bureau business in India

If its India then marriage bureau is a sure shot to go for. It is the business which doesn’t get affected by the recession. It is one of those ever green businesses.Once you attain the head start and manage well for a few years, it will be like walking in a park journey henceforth.But, Hang on, there are things to keep in mind, we will walk you through the most basic of the things hereafter.


In case if you don’t know

Well, Marriage bureau is a sort of matchmaker, where candidates register and the agency looks for best matches and then intimate the candidate for the same.Bear in mind, it’s a crucial business, so better to get rid of any potential mishaps at the outset.

But, if you have matched profiles successfully initially then bingo! You are on right track. It’s always good to have experience in your pocket. later on, you can take it to online with the help of proper matrimonial script.

So, stick to one agency it will aid you with managing & marketing skills.

Choosing a location or better pick home !!

Now, a too significant point to be ignored. Your business is dependent on people, hence, It’s better to have an office in the populous area of a metropolis, ideally, a road faced one. Alternatively, you can make your home as a place, especially if you reside in populous society.

It will take a computer, a separate room & banner and you are good to go. Unlike online portal which can be made using matrimonial software, it required dedicated space.

Time allocation & type

The next question is of time allotment whether you want to do it as a part-timer or not, we recommend starting on a small scale, and then of expansion.One needs to decide also on type: whether you want to do in group or lone, both present their own pros & cons.

Going solo will add burden to your shoulder (work & monetary), although the profits are enjoyed by only you.If you are partnering with someone, your work & the investment will be distributed and you will be at ease. However, one needs a trustworthy person for that purpose on which you can bank on.

The rather better way is to do it alone with maintaining the workload lesser, though once it gets escalated hire an employee to get it done.

Naming dilemma

Take any startup, and you would find everyone has gone through the same dilemma.

The reason is, Naming warrants uniqueness, catchiness & memorable quality. Trynna find the one and hundreds more will pop up, wts the solution ?? Simple.  Make the long list and try the various combos, for sure one will grab your eyeballs.


Irrespective of the type of business, marketing is an integral part of any buisness.just think, how one would buy stuff or service from you if not having enough idea or you don’t declare about it.


You can try it by several ways

  • Using brochures, advertisements & business cards
  • Via e-brochure i.e- digitally
  • Through PPC services where advertisers pay for each click on ads.
  • Developing a site and enhance the online presence

You can share some cards & brochures within a family itself, so they can have an idea in detail & can explain others about the same (word of mouth)

they can distribute cards in their circles for the best effect.

You can ask them for prospective customers as well.


Atypical from matrimonial portal developed using ready made matrimonial script, marketing tools are different here.


Cost distribution

We gonna enlist all the possible expenditure including hidden charges.

Security deposits

It is a one-time affair, which needed to hand over to the landlord. Though it’s high in amount, you can always negotiate.

You also need to sign an agreement (must).

Monthly rent

As you know, it is required to be paid monthly, if you are getting enough clients monthly, it won’t bother you much.


At some point in time, you might need to hire an employee.

A professional can ask high pay, therefore you would be better off with the fresher.

Later on, you can entertain him/her with raise, once all sets well.

Electricity bill

A big chunk of the bill is used by AC, however, it’s imperative to have one since it satisfies the employee.

And there are always bills of fans, lights, and computers.

Computer & printer

In today’s time, it is a must-have one, you can store enormous data using computer & printer enable you to print forms & such documents.

Also, there is an expenditure of furnishing & printing.

The Tremendous av

ailability of choices:


Rolling up on the websites that are Matrimonial Script these Days leverage tips to try. In this respect, note that the script is intended to match of the suggestions with this user’s profile. By allowing boys and girls to search their partner it amplified the hunt.


Definitely, the readymade is acknowledged by users For handling the contact information of the profile manufacturers, script.

Even allows confirmation of applicants’ amount. Apart, from that, it’s also architecture to maintain the applicants’ picture confidential. The script allows you to handle the applicants’ particulars such as faith communities, and degrees .


With the advanced search facility Moreover, the details can be entered by the user and receive the result.


The websites that are scripted are Encrypted at the source of the code to make sure that the data are strengthened. No hacker could have the accessibility.

No loss of information:

As an entrepreneur of a site, You need to keep of the data intact. However, at times it happens that the information of interest to the user’s profile has tampered. That could make a hectic. If that’s the case, you are relieved by the usage of this software that is scripted . This is because it uses specially technologies such as data to keep the details.



Margin & ROI

Fixing the margin can help you in profits. it could be something like taking registration fees, and other fees separately, which would be for finding the match and scheduling the meeting of families.

Additionally, you can charge a few bucks every time you sets the meeting.

Return on investment on a typical bureau ranges between 20 to 60% initially, which surges gradually as you go further.


Final words

Marriage bureau can prove to be profiteering but one must need to  be diligent & enthusiastic enough.

Don’t just stuck at one place only, try and expand your horizons by opening new branches & reaching to maximum people.

Let us know how much this post helped you. Give us feedback in comments & stay tuned for such upcoming posts.

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