Nag Tibba Nag Tibba Trek A Backpackers adventure!!

Uttarakhand holds amazing wonders of nature from which one of them is Nag Tibba. Nag Tibba or the Serpent’s hill is perched at an elevation of 3,022m (9,915ft) above sea level in the lesser Himalayas. It is the highest peak in the lower Himalayas in the Garhwal region.  Nag Tibba comes under the three ranges of the Himalayas- Dhauladhar ranges, Pir Panjal ranges, and the Nag Tibba range.

Nag Tibba is a popular trekking destination in Uttarakhand. It is all year round adventure and attracts a lot of trekkers, backpackers, and nature lovers.  If you are a snow lover then, Nag Tibba is great to embark on in the winter season.

The trek starts from Pantwari village near Dehradun & Mussorie. Nag Tibba is the crown jewel of the Queen of hills, Mussorie.  The trek is easy to moderate and perfectly suitable for beginners.

The total trek is 10km and can be covered in 4-5 hours. The difficulty varies from season to season. With snow, the trail gets slightly moderate. Nag Tibba trek will take you through the dense forests of pines & oaks, exotic variety of flora & fauna, lush meadows which get covered in snow time, a few steep climbs, along with the views of sn0w-covered mountains. The chirping sound of birds, a smell of old pines, and cool breezes will accompany you on the trek.

After reaching the top, you will see the captivating views of the Swargarohini, Bandarpunch, Srikantha, Black peak, Gangotri group of peaks, Kedarnath, Changbang, and Yamunotri group of peaks. Nag Tibba is a window to see the views of the Himalayas. This perfect weekend trek offers tranquil surroundings and amazing vibes of the Himalayas.

Here are some highlights of the trek:

  • Stunning views of the Himalayan peaks.
  • Adventure and thrill
  • Picturesque and remote areas of Uttarakhand.
  • Lush green meadows, walk into the old forests, and great environment.
  • A perfect weekend trek!

Some safety travel tips:

  • Keep your mind and body strong and balanced.
  • Legs strength is very much important as hiking on higher altitudes. One can make their muscles flexible by doing squats or stretching.
  • Cardiovascular endurance is nothing but the ability of lungs and heart to transfer oxygen to the body. Do yoga and make your lungs strong because the oxygen level decreases at higher altitudes.
  • Acute Mountain Sickness is very common up in the hills. It is important to carry prescribed medicines from the doctor.
  • It is important to carry a water bottle and handy snacks to eat in your backpack.

Best Time to visit:

The best time to visit Nag Tibba is from April to June and from October to December. It totally depends on the trekker that what time he/she wants to embark on this adventure. The temperature & weather varies from season to season.

In summers:

Nag Tibba looks pleasant and calm. The cool winds will refresh you make the trek a perfect one to the beat the heat of summers. It is advised to carry light woolen clothes.

In winters:

The weather changes very frequently. If you want to experience snow then, winters are perfect to undertake this adventure. The serenity and peaceful surroundings make the place a perfect one to stay. Explore and experience snowfall and walk in the ankle-deep snow. The freezing temperatures will give you thrill & goosebumps. It is advised to carry heavy woolen clothes and get covered with 2-3 layers of clothes.

In monsoons:

Nag Tibba looks ravishingly beautiful with the lush meadows and blooming beauty. The roads get blocked due to landslides. It is advised to carry raincoats and rain cover for your backpack. It is advised to avoid trekking in the rainy season.

How to reach?

The trek starts either from Mussorie or Dehradun. The base camp for the Nag Tibba trek is Pantwari village. Dehradun is well-connected to all the major cities like Delhi.

By Bus: Take a direct bus from Delhi either for Mussorie or Dehradun. Then take another bus or taxi from Dehradun to Pantwari village which is at a distance of 100km. Mussorie is at a distance of 56km from Pantwari village.

By Air: The Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest one to Mussorie only 60 km. Take a direct flight from Delhi and then another taxi or cab to reach Mussorie and then Pantwari village.

By Rail: The nearest railhead is the Dehradun railway station 36km from Mussorie. There are direct trains available from Delhi to Dehradun.

Nag Tibba is truly an adventure that is must be tried once in a lifetime. The amazing and great trek will offer a lot and also teach you skills for snow trekking. Experience and explore the vivid beauty of nature and make your weekend a memorable one.

Live. Travel. Explore!!

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