Verification of Employees

Hiring new employees is a process that keeps going on from time to time in every company. This process never stops because employees keep leaving, companies keep expanding, and new roles keep emerging.

Talking about hiring, a majority of companies usually follow a similar hiring procedure. They run ads for the vacancies, check the entries of the candidates and schedule a face to face interview after a telephonic discussion.

The interviewer selects the right candidate based on his knowledge, skills and experience. The whole process is usually hurried so that the company won’t have to suffer due to vacant positions.

In all this haste, only a few companies think about running a background verification of finalised candidates before offering the position. Some companies never think about the background check, while others think that they will do it after hiring the person.

If you also own such a company, then you should hire a private detective agency background verification of employees. A background check is indeed essential, and you will agree to it more after reading these reasons.

  1. To Get Knowledge of Criminal Records:

Background verification helps in knowing about the criminal records of an employee. If you will hire someone without checking their criminal history, then it can be dangerous for you and other employees as well.

We are not saying that every employee that you are going to hire will turn out to be a dangerous criminal. But, it is necessary to check these records for safety. Sometimes, employees are involved in criminal cases that make them dangerous, unreliable and unsuitable for the job.

Other times, the charges are small and irrelevant to the job. In every case, you should know all this information about your every employee.

  1. To Gather Information about Past Jobs:

A common question that every company ask a candidate is “why you left your last organisation?” Companies ask this because the reason a person left his last job says a lot about him. But, how many candidates answer this question honestly? Yes, very few.

Candidates who have left their jobs for the right reasons are the only ones who answer this question truthfully. Rest, make false stories. No candidate ever says that I was fired from so and so company because of my mistakes. None of them will tell that they had a fight with the manager or another employee so, they left in anger.

Yes, because they are smart enough to present themselves as a suitable candidate for this new opportunity. Background check helps companies to gather accurate information about the past jobs of a candidate and the real reasons for leaving them.

  1. To Crosscheck the Educational Qualifications and Experience:

Due to today’s technology, everything is possible. Some people misuse these resources to create false educational degrees and experience certificates. In addition, many fraudulent institutes sell fake degrees.

In such a scenario, cross-checking the educational qualification and experience details of every employee is essential. Identifying a fraud person is necessary as he couldn’t provide the quality work to your company.

Secondly, he has got the job through fraud means; which is a crime. Background verification of employees ensures that all the information provided by them is true. It also assists in detecting any fraud candidate.

  1. To Know the Behaviour of the Candidate:

No interviewer can judge the behaviour of a candidate through one interview. A single interview is way too small to observe the behaviour. It becomes more difficult because every candidate knows his shortcomings so; he tries his best to conceal these issues.

Candidates hide information that hints towards their behavioural problems. They will never tell you about their anger issues, their inability to adjust, their inability to do teamwork or their behaviour at the past organisations.

You can know about most of the significant aspects of candidates’ behaviour through background verification. During background verification, you should contact the last employer of the candidate to get feedback on his behaviour and work etiquettes. Knowing about these issues can change your hiring decision as well.

  1. To Keep your Organisation Drug Free:

Background check of employees let you establish and rigorously follow a zero-tolerance anti-drug policy at your organisation. By running the background check, you can know if the applicants have any past drug history.

You can flag candidates who are charged for keeping or taking drugs at any point in their life. You can also confront them about this issue to know whether they still take drugs or not. Conducting a drug test, along with the background verification, will help in eliminating candidates who still take drugs.

  1. To Get the Full Picture of the Candidate:

There are lots of personal things which we never ask a candidate during an interview. Some of these personal issues can affect his work directly or indirectly. By taking background verification, a company can see the full picture of a candidate.

  • Is he taken a loan?
  • Is he ever charged for rash driving?
  • Is he an alcohol addict?

All of this information is essential to know before hiring a person. Sometimes, these personal problems of employees become a headache for the employer as well. But, a company can know a candidate in and out by running a background check before hiring him.

  1. To Avoid Legal Troubles:

Not checking the background of your employees can lead to very serious problems.  If your employee has a criminal history and he harms another employee or any client, then you are liable for that incident. The victim can press charges against your company for negligence.

You can also face legal problems due to non – compliance. People require special certifications to work in certain industries. It will be problematic for you if a non-certified employee will commit a mistake. So, taking background verification saves you from any legal troubles that can be caused by criminal or fraudulent employees.

Hence, running a background check of your employees is a very crucial step of hiring which you should never ignore.

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