BigTravelHelp- Small List of Free Places to Visit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is the 33rd largest state in the US. It is located with the Appalachian Mountains in the middle. It is located in the North-eastern, Mid Atlantic and great lakes of the US. The capital city of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg. Dutch-English culture can be seen today also see – Small List of Free Places to Visit in Pennsylvania.

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There are many places where the visitors can visit that too for free of cost are:

Herr’s Snack Factory

Herr’s factory is located in 271 Old Baltimore Pike, Nottingham of the Pennsylvania state. In this factory tour, the host will acknowledge to the visitor about the whole process of snacks and potato chips making. You will get a chance to taste some of the famous snacks and potato chips which is absolutely free. It will be a whole experience for the visitors.

Allegheny Observatory

Allegheny Observatory is located in 159 Riverview Avenue, Pittsburgh of Pennsylvania. It is one of the world’s most major astronomical research center. The observatory is open for visitors and has free entry once in a month. Students and scholars used the telescope which is installed here to study astronomy for space exploration. You can witness the space during the night visit because of the clear sky.

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

Wildlife Small List of Free Place to Visit in Pennsylvania

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge is located in 8601 Lindbergh Boulevard, Philadelphia. It is established in 1972 near the Philadelphia international airport which is spread over 1000 acres of land. It is a fun place to visit especially with children because it has more than 300 species of birds with beautiful ponds and lakes other than that the major attractions of the parks are red foxes, coyotes, beavers, and deer, etc. The park tour will also provide knowledge about the endangered species who all are preserved here and also about the reason for the extinction of the endangered creatures. It’s will be an educational tour for children.

Elephant Museum

Elephant Museum is a fun place to visit to see different size of elephants. It is well known locally from Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum. Here you can witness more than 1000 elephants in one place with cool restaurants where you can have meals, snacks, roasted peanuts and many more. It is like heaven for all candy lovers. You can get varieties of candy, chocolates, nuts and dry fruits. Overall it is a fun place to spend time with family.

Hershey’s Chocolate World

Hershey chocolate world is located at 251 Park Boulevard, Hershey. What if anyone tells you that you can access to the world of chocolate for free, Yes, Hershey’s Chocolate World tour will take you to the tour of world’s famous chocolate company where you can know the process, involvement and how chocolates are made. You can get a chance to taste different types of chocolate samples and can witness the process of some of the famous chocolates. Although there is a Hershey’s park which is attached to Hershey’s chocolate world which required entry fees.

Gobbler’s Knob

Gobbler’s Knob is located at 1548 Woodland Avenue, Punxsutawney. It is a fun-loving place for kids. You can spend family time with family it is a home to Punxsutawney Phil which is famous among kids. Each year in the month of February they host Groundhog Day where many visitors visit and the whole day you can enjoy.

Elk Country Visitor Center

It is located at 134 Homestead Drive, Benezette. It is an educational tour where the guide will provide information related to Elk. Elk is one of the largest species of the deer family. It is a must-visit place to see 12 feet giant Elk and it will surely gonna be full of adventures and memories.

Straub Brewery Tour - Small List of Free Place to Visit in Pennsylvania

Straub Brewery Tour

It is located in 03 Sorg Street, St. Marys, PA. If you visit Pennsylvania you must visit for Straub Brewery tour because it is one of the oldest beer factories where during the tour the guide will provide knowledge about the factory and the whole process in beer making. You can take a sip of one of the finest beer of the US. The factory or building is old which consists of many ladders and stairs so it will be not accessible easily for a handicapped person. The tour is completely free for all the above 12 years.

Although Pennsylvania’s major attraction is the Elk Center where one can take a selfie of the beautiful scenic view with the giants Elk and can get all the information related to Elk. So, all the above-mentioned places are free to visit but it is advisable to check the date and timing before visiting any of the above places because few places can only be accessible for the limited time. For more information you can visit any travel agencies of US.

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