One of the current cryptocurrencies challenges in many countries is to find an Exchange that allows to buying Bitcoin by the comfort of the users personal computers, especially from restricted Paypal’s policies regarding intangible purchases, like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Founded in 2018 in Mexico, MyTakin allows the users to purchase Bitcoin with credit and debit cards, as well the exchange between these cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Viacoin. Activity that often is a trending topic among the population of Mexico, a leading country in Fintech technologies in Latin America.

There are other places where users can buy bitcoin with a credit card such as VirWox and Coinmama, however for the currency Peso Mexicano (MXN) MyTakin is a good option to buy Bitcoin with a credit card.

Segwit wallets advantages

Typically, transactions with a lower byte size have lower rates than legacy transactions, because the price of Bitcoin transactions is assigned to each size byte.Segregated Witness (or Segwit) is the name used for an implemented soft fork change in the transaction format of bitcoin. Also it has the feature to reduce bitcoin transaction speed by splitting the transaction into two segments, thus the transaction size and price decreases.

To make Segwit transactions, users must have a Segwit wallet (these addresses starts with ‘3’ or ‘bc1’) to save from 20 to 70% in their transactions fees. For that purpose, all MyTakin Bitcoin wallets implements Segwit technology to reduce users fees and increase the transactions speed.

What about trading?

With 10 different pairs of cryptocurrencies (markets), users can open and close orders in MyTakin using Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Viacoin, with the feature of show real-time OHLC graphics and latest statistics to help them to makebetter trading.

trading MyTakin, a new cryptoworld in Mexico and Latin America

Users can make open orders (to become makers) and close orders (to become takers) entering the price and amount, or cancel their orders if needed. All trading pairsand all platform features are under users control. To deposit to their wallets, users can do it in any moment, and withdraw their funds by the same way.

All transactions are processed by Segwit algorithms (using Bitcoin segwit wallet addresses) and broadcasted to the main Bitcoin network. The average time to receive funds after a withdrawal is 12 minutes, but may take more time by crowded network.

Security: The first goal

Due themany constant security risks, as well as the hacks that have existed in some of the most famous exchanges, is added an additional layer of security, where the information of the users, their wallets, transactions and any risk operation within the platform, goes through a double encryption mechanism. Not only to give security to the platform users, but to avoid real threats to the security system and thus avoid any thread attack from outside or even on the users networks.

Even so, the user must avoid sharing their passwords and account to prevent the theft of their funds, as well as making sure to log out whenever they use MyTakin and are not using their personal computer.

Available worldwide

Despite some regional Bitcoin exchanges, MyTakin is available in almost every country in the world, except for countries where they explicitly prohibit the use and marketing of cryptocurrencies or virtual assets. Just it is multicultural, the platform is available in English, Spanish and French.

available worldwideMyTakin, a new cryptoworld in Mexico and Latin America

Due to Mexican legislation, known as Fintech Law, it is necessary to fill out a short KYC form when the users create an account, however, user data is protected within the system and only request users information according to their account level.

Bitcoin Piggy

Is there a bonus by using the platform? Is a common question of the newbies users in any new software, MyTakin has the feature to give to their users the opportunity to earn extra bitcoins by making trading. With the Bitcoin piggy prizes, every time where the users make trades on the platform, they accumulate points, and with the accumulated points, they must claim prizes in Bitcoins.

The unique two requirementsto get Bitcoin piggy prizes are: having an active account andmaking transactions. By creating an account in MyTakin, the services of Stock Bitcoin are available to the user. Stock Bitcoin is a Bitcoin news website with the latest Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies news, and also has a faucet, games and different activities (known as faucet), to earn free satoshis. Also Stock Bitcoin has a real-time calculator, to get the last cryptocurrencies prices and convert them in dollars or pesos, a helpful tool to know the current price and save time.


Meet MyTakin

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: Exchange of Bitcoins & Cryptocurrencies. Secure Wallets. Bitcoin Trading with Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin & Viacoin.


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