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A New Office That Doesn’t Work ?

Nobody gets happy from half work. Still, a beautiful interior design, with all the details, can completely miss the mark. The absence of a transcending workplace concept can altogether cancel out the investment in interior design. It can disrupt an organization. If you are willing to decorate your office or house in Mumbai, you need to hire the best interior decorators in Mumbai to make your dream come alive


Why is that workplace concept so important?

Interior design for an office is part of a workplace concept. Other essential elements here are the behavior (e.g., policy and company culture) and facilities (e.g., IT facilities). A tried and tested approach is the ‘bricks, bytes, behavior’ principle, where ‘bricks’ stand for the physical environment, ‘bytes’ for the (IT) facilities and ‘behavior’ for behavior and policy.

In this ‘BBB’ approach, we assume that these three topics are inextricably linked. Changes in processes (behavior) also require changes in the environment (bricks) and the facilities (bytes). 

The widely introduced office garden is a good example; organizations that worked for years in cell offices get a completely different working environment from one day to the next. The lack of necessary agreements, matching processes, and required facilities are the ingredients of a failed new office.    

How do you become the hero of your organization? Report when changes are proposed on only one of the 3 B’s and manage an integrated plan, a workplace concept. Well-intentioned changes, for example, do not result in a costly failure. With a good interior design, which is part of a workplace concept, we believe we can give GRIP the result of an interior design project.


Tip 1: Determine your living style

How do you want to feel a space? Are you attracted to specific colors or patterns? One way to help you determine your style is to think of words that define how you want a space to feel. For example, Traditional, formal, elegant, playful, humorous, inviting, modern? Pinterest is a simple way to collect your living ideas. Therefore, collect your favorite colors, accessories, and furniture and discover your unique living style.

Tip 2: What do you dislike?

It’s a lot easier for people to express what they don’t like. This allows you to exclude things that you do not want in your interior.

Tip 3: Take a hardwood floor

A floor largely determines the style in your house. A beautiful wooden floor gives atmosphere and certain robustness. It is not only fantastic but also a nice increase in the value of your home.

Tip 4: Test your paint

The samples in the paint shop are a useful starting point, but what looks good on paper may not translate into your interior. Try to paint a handful of different shades on the wall on white paint. This way, you can see what the color does on your wall. The outside environment strongly influences the temperature of the light.

Tip 5: Start with the floor

What do you start within a room? I usually suggest starting with the level. If you first think about the level, you will then be able to work more efficiently with the other elements in the room. For example, with a carpet that has specific colors, these colors can reappear in the rest of the interior.

Tip 6: Create ‘spaces’.

Place the furniture that you have room for. Consider the balance of space. So for larger rooms, consider setting up zones for different activities: a sitting area for socializing (possibly with a fireplace); another zone for watching television; a workspace with a desk or table for work or school.

Tip 7: Use color on your wall

There is nothing more beautiful and atmospheric than a color on the wall. Color provides warmth, and you can accentuate your living style with it. Do not be too careful and choose one beautiful color with which you can paint all your walls. You can even consider taking your window frames and ceiling with you.

Tip 8: Use large plants in your interior

Plants are a great way to make your house stand out, whether it is outside or inside. If you want your interior to stand out, decorate your interior with large plants. Place a few large plants in the hallway or place them in your living room. And a plant does not cost a lot of money; they provide a significant effect if you want to improve your interior with a limited budget.

Tip 9: Create height with white door frames

Regardless of the color, you have chosen for your interior design, consider upgrading your home with white woodwork. This offers a pleasant contrast with colored walls and wooden floors. It also provides a traditional edge to your interior while your interior looks fresh and elegant.

Tip 10: Take a contemporary wallpaper

Wallpaper is an increasingly requested trend. Therefore choose attractive and unusual patterns, colors, and design. You can also choose basic shapes inspired by nature or other colorful designs that turn your walls into a beautiful work of art.

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