Air Conditioner Problems

Is your family complaining about your AC in summer? Then it is an unfortunate situation. Then please read this article on The reasons for your AC problems. We have given apt solutions for the most common problems in the air conditioner. Many people have the belief that every AC problem is complex.

Then there are some DIY guys who dream of solving the very complex AC problems by themselves. So, let us not beat about the bush, but get down to solving the common AC problems with ease.


  1. Air Conditioner Does Not Work


There are chances that the non-working is caused by the thermostat battery. Does it need repair? Then, you may have to go for a replacement. If the battery is still working fine, check the current flow of the appliance. The chances of an air conditioner not working are very complex.

Air Conditioner

There may be many reasons for the non-working condition. In these situations, it is always wise to seek the help of a professional AC mechanic. He can identify the problem and fix it in a quick time.


  1. The Reasons For Your Air Conditioner Problems – AC Works But Air Is Not Cold


If you find that the appliance is not working in the summer, it is a frustrating situation. The reason could be very simple. The air filter of the AC has gone very dirty. You have not given it the proper service.

 Air Is Not Cold

The very first step, check if the thermostat is working. You can set the thermostat to the lowest temperature. Now check the difference.


In the case of the same condition, the thermostat needs a replacement. The next step, you have to do is to check if every component in the AC is in proper condition.


Also, do not forget to check the level of refrigerant liquid. Can you see a leakage? Then the level of the liquid has gone down. And so the problem.


Refill The Liquid

Try to fill the liquid to the required level. Check once again. Is the AC working fine? You can feel the cool air? Then the problem is solved.


  1. The Reasons For Your Air Conditioner Problems – Water Drips From The Model


This is a very common problem. Just check if the outlet pipe has got blocked. The reasons may be many. Dirt, tree leaves and more. In the case of the clogs, please check if you can remove the blockages. Follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual.

There are also chances that ice may have built-up over the coils. Ensure that the coils get cleaned from ice. You need to clean the coil and exit pipes. Please note, that the exit pipes need to be clean.




  1. The Reasons For Your Air Conditioner Problems – AC Makes Strange Noises

Usually, in recent times, every brand manufacturer designs the AC in such a way that it does not give noise. But is your AC giving loud sounds? Then the reasons may be because of a faulty belt or motor-bearing problem.


Some other reasons are –


  • Problems with blower assembly. If you try to add lubricant, the sounds may stop.
  • Broken blade – you get annoying noise.


For these problems, you need to hire an AC service professional.


Smart Air Conditioners

Is there a way to beat the common problems with the air conditioner? Can you get an alert stating that the AC is due for service, or a part of the air conditioner has become blocked? Good question. Research is going on in the same direction.

Have you heard about IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other new technologies? There are few smart home appliance models, which has a feature called predictive maintenance. This feature works on the concept of AI and ML.

When a specific part needs maintenance service, you get an alert on your mobile. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Let us keep our hands crossed for the tech innovations of the future.


Some Smart AC Models you can buy in India are –


  • Blue Star Smart AC Model
  • Lloyd Smart AC Model
  • Livpure Smart AC




Are you facing technical problems with the air conditioner? Then please check the warranty period. There remain some basics you can fix by the DIY method. If you give proper maintenance service to the appliance, then half of your problems will get solved. But for problems such as noise, you need to identify the root source, and the situation needs an AC repair expert.


In an era, where sending and receiving payments is very easy, even hiring a handyman professional is easy. Just imagine the situation before two decades. If you need to get a repair technician for an appliance without the warranty period, it was a hardcore task.

You need to search for referrals, get the contact number of technicians and then make the call. But now, you do not have to go through these kinds of ordeals. There exist companies which offer repair services at your home. For example, let us imagine, you are in Hyderabad and your home AC needs a repair expert.

In a similar situation, it is easy to search for the best AC service in Hyderabadvia the app of the best company offering repair services in the city. But yes, you have to first search for the best company which has an entire set of offering household services in Hyderabad. Then spend time with the profiles of AC experts in the city, and select the best as per your budget.

Ensure you check with the family members on the time they want the professional to come to your home to fix the appliance. You can fix the problems in a very easy way by this method.


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