Rann utsav

.I always wanted to visit and see the Rann festival of Kutch, anyhow this time my plan was successful and I started my journey from Delhi. I had to see the festival of Rann of Kutch along with Bhuj so, I wanted to reach there when this festival is going on. I reached Ahmedabad by flight and then from there I reached by cab.

The city of Bhuj is named after Pahari Bhujio Dungar as it is believed to be the place of ” Vishal Nang Bhunjan “. A temple dedicated to it is also located on the top of this hill. I have to mention here that Bhuj is an artistic city because of the palaces of Bhuj are artistically carved and sculpture of the palaces are amazing. Very next day early morning, I started visiting places and my first destination the

The charm of Prag Palace

It was very interesting for me to see this palace built of Talvi Marbles and sandstone, the construction of this Palace was completed by, Khengar Ji 3, He was the son of Pragmal Ji 2. It is believed that the cost of construction of this palace was 300,000 (Around 3 Lakh Rupees at that time and Artisans and Labourers were paid with gold coins. When I entered into this palace I saw a painting on the ceiling someone said that painting is 125 years old.

There is a court section (Darbar Khand) in this palace, There are huge statues in this section posing like they have carried all the weight of the ceiling on their head. You will get the chance to see traditional dresses of Kings and Queens, their Dresses are kept in a glass box. There were fixed chairs for every King and Queen, it is said that if someone is absent for a day, in that condition no one else can sit on his or her chair. You will also see that room where a part of the movie “Lagaan” was filmed, the most attractive thing of this Palace is the clock tower, the height of this tower is about 150 feet, and this can be seen almost from every part of Bhuj City see – Beautiful Majuli Island, World Largest River Island

Historical Aaina Palace

Next to Prag Palace, there is the Aaina palace (Mirror Palace), as from the name this palace is full of mirrors, It was built during the reign of King Lakhpati Ji. The shelves on its walls are also covered with glass pillars and the roof is protected with golden moulding and other ornaments. English French and Dutch watch, Mechanical Toys, Items made of Glasses, Chinese cutlery etc. can take you in History. Heera Mahal is also amazing this used to be the main room of  ‘” Lakhpat Rao ” during his rule. There is a special bed of Lakpar Rao in this Heera Mahal, his bed used to small so that the legs of the king would come out, and he can stand quickly in the condition of attack while sleeping or taking rest. This bed is also surrounded by precious stones.

Swami Narayan Temple

This magnificent white temple has beautiful wood carvings all around, mostly depicting stories of Lord Krishna and Radha.  The Swaminarayan temple built with white marble is a marvellous example of architecture. Red-orange reflection of sunlight is making this temple more beautiful and amazing. Idols of all the deities in this temple are made up of Gold. The time was short, so we could not spend a lot of time here and moved on our next stop Kutch Rann Utsav. For Rann Utsav, we had a stop in “Ghororo Village” which is a tent city during the period of Rann Utsav. staying in tents itself give you a pleasant experience.

Rann of Kutch

Kutch is an island that dries up completely after the rainy season and then white land which is salt in real can be seen all around it, and this is called the Rann of Kutch. Experience of watching the sunset at this place, I can not describe in words, I never had an experience of like this. After sunset Now, the moon started arriving in the sky and when the moon came out, that white salt started looking like a bottomless sea, I never thought the beauty of salt can be like this. I would suggest that if you are visiting Rann of Kutch than watching sunset or sunrise is must thing to do in Rann of Kutch.  During Rann Utsav which attracts the most, I got to see the unique confluence of art, culture and music. I also got the chance to ride on the camel, ship of the desert must see – Reconstructing the Story of Ruins of Hampi .

How to Reach?

There is an airport in Bhuj one can also directly reach here by air, apart from this Ahmedabad is very well connected with this region via air, road and railways. Bhuj Railway station is also connected with almost every part of India.

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