accounting alone application Top 5 Genuine Ways to Get Success in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is popular in the current scenario. But still many people are struggling with affiliate marketing. There is a simple reason behind is the lack of knowledge. Knowledge is power in this Internet world. If you, have correct knowledge about the affiliate marketing you can easily get success.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing technique. Where affiliate marketers have to sell the service or product online with the help of innovation. Affiliate marketing mainly works on CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition) and CPS (Cost-Per-Sale). CPA is a type of marketing campaign where marketers have to ask people to take a particular action. For every successful action, marketers will get the commission.

Like the companies running the campaigns to download the app. CPS is also a type of marketing campaign but here marketers have to get the sale for the affiliate merchant. Like the companies running ads to get the sales for their service or product.

This is a great way to make money with help on the Internet. Also, affiliate marketing is popular because of passive income. Passive income is marketers have to work only once and they can get the sales anytime, even they are sleeping. If it is that simple so, why people are struggling with affiliate marketing? This is just because of the way they are trying to get the customers.

Mostly, newbie makes this mistake. They think they can make money without investing. This is never true. You have to invest time and money both. Let’s check the ways used by big players in affiliate marketing.

Coupon Websites: Coupon websites are very popular in India. Everyone loves to get the coupons before buying anything from any online store. Now, how these coupon websites are making the money? Simply, they are using affiliate marketing. For every coupon mounting, they are getting a commission from the affiliate merchant.

The process to make the coupon website is simple to make a website with WordPress apply coupon theme. Now, signup on different affiliate programs and start getting the coupons and deals.

Also, if you are worried about collecting coupons manually. Signup to some paid services like Linkmydeal or Coupomated. These two companies in India are collecting the coupons and providing the coupons to the coupon websites.

This can improve the authenticity of your work. Now, make your target audience and get the traffic from Social Media, Content Marketing and SEO. Once, you have great traffic on your website you can start charging for the featured placements.

Which can help you to get more revenue and authentic deals? People who are paying extra will always place the best deal. This can help you to get more sales. Also, do not just work for money. Make relations with the store first.

If you are not able to make the sale, they are not going to pay you. This can be a negative impact on the market.

1. Influencing Marketing: Influencers are popular because of the content they are publishing. There are most popular for the number of followers. So, if you have a great number of followers you are leaving the money over the table. Now, having a great follower doesn’t help you to make great sales. Here influencers have to apply the trick again.

If you will simply put the banners of the product in post or story. The conversion rate will be low. But this is the time to show creativity. Simply, buy the product from the store, if you think it is worthy. Before buying the product starting shouting over influencing account.

Show, each and every activity to the audience. This is will put an impact on them. Click some pictures with the delivery boy. Post them on your account. Make an unboxing video. Show the product to the audience. Basically, create a story in real life.

Make your audience engaged with the posts. Now, each time put the affiliate links to the posts. This will improve your visibility. Also, you can ask the affiliate merchants to provide you some exclusive coupons. This can be very effective way.

2. Blog Post: Blog posting is the best way to boost the traffic to your affiliate links. Google and other search engines love the content. So, the chance of getting organic traffic will increase to your blog. Make a blog with Blogger or WordPress. Choose a niche. Now, start making content for your audience.

I will recommend you not to write any direct sales pitch to the audience. This can increase the bounce rate and Google will penalize the blog. So, first, start writing about the authentic information.

Before, applying the affiliate marketing make sure you have at least more than 25 blog posts. Because, if they like your content they will share reading the related blogs and more. This will help them to spend time on your blog which will help you to decrease the bounce rate. Now, after that, you can paste the banners of the affiliate merchant. This will be a more effective way.

Also, make sure the deals and the banners are related to the blog. When they are seeing something related to the chances to get the conversion is high. Also, you can start with writing the dedicated blog to the services or product to the affiliate merchant. But still, do not make a large number of dedicated posts.

3. Email Marketing: Collecting emails is very easy. If you have something to offer for free people are ready to give you the email address. There are many ways you can collect email addresses. The best way is to make a popup to your blog and start collecting the email.

If this is not working make an ebook which people will love to read. Simply, give that book for free to them. For them it is free but they will pay you something somewhere. Also, include a tick box agreement to make them aware that in future they will get some promotional emails from your side.

Email marketing is very effective, as professionals have to check the email. This can be the best way for you to introduce you the affiliate link. Also, this is a high return process. As you have to make the email list for once. Then you can use this email list for many campaigns.

Also, if you have great content on your blog and ebook. Your email list will keep on increasing. This is the best way to increase revenue. Also, make sure to put a creative subject. This is the only thing which will help you to get more clicks on affiliate links.

4. Review Website: Reviewing something is also plays an important role in affiliate marketing. As you are telling your audience that I have used this product and these are the reviews of the product.

So, this will help people to buy the product. Again, be tricky with reviewing the products. First, make sure that the review must be genuine. Just because you want to sell the product. Do not recommend something which you don’t like. Also, the impact of the incorrect review will affect your audience.

Now, most of the affiliate merchant will agree to provide you the free product just to review. So, be genuine with the merchant as well. Also, you can make a YouTube channel for a product review. There is a low investment for the YouTube channel.

Affiliate marketing is always tricky. So, be creative and use the best possible ways to improve your visibility of affiliate links. Here, are some of the best affiliate programs to join:

Top 10 Affiliate Programs in India

  1. Associates
  2. Vcommission
  3. Trend Eve’s Affiliate Program
  4. Flipkart Affiliate
  5. Optimise
  6. BIGROCK Affiliate
  7. GoDaddy Affiliate
  8. Nearbuy Affiliate
  9. Admitad
  10. HostGator Affiliate

Author: Abhishek Raj, C.E.O. & Co-Founder Trend Eve. Abhishek is a full-time entrepreneur and guest speaker. Abhishek gave a guest lecture at MIT, Moradabad about “Busting the Bubbles of Startups and Entrepreneurs”.

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