It has been seen in recent time, more and more people are opting for work from home jobs or freelance jobs for a better work-life balance. The “Gig” economy concept is being encouraged in many Asian countries, including Malaysia. Freelance job market in Malaysia is a growing one. Getting a freelance job in Malaysia has become easy nowadays, and there are opportunities available not only for experienced professionals but also for Freshers and housewives.

Malaysians are now voluntarily working on a self-employed basis. The reasons are many: they work in comforts, they prefer to be their own boss plus they earn a decent income. Also, there are many professionals who work in permanent jobs during the week days and get engaged in freelance jobs in the weekend. Thanks to the digital world, there are more and more job opportunities available to work as freelancers in Malaysia.

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Here are top 7 freelance jobs in Malaysia that you can consider:


This is one of the most popular freelance jobs in Malaysia, especially for the qualified housewives. Experienced tutors can earn easily six figure annual incomes by working as online tutors or home tutors. Usually, the rate is fixed at $20 per hour for primary students and $25 per hour for secondary students. Some even ask for $40 per hour for specialized subjects.

Private drivers

To earn an extra living, you will find many professionals working as private drivers in Malaysia. This kind of freelance jobs are done after office hours or in the weekends. Usually, candidates become private cab drivers for companies like Grab or Ryde. There are few who work as private drivers while on the way to office and way back to home. There is a decent earning for such freelance jobs. Many works in such jobs for some extra penny.


Wedding photographer

Wedding photography is another type of freelance jobs which are popular in Malaysia. A freelance wedding photographer is highly demanded. There are clients who are willing to pay all kinds of prices. There are affluent families who hire wedding photographers in Malaysia for lavish photography. This, of course, is a seasonal job. Its popularity is more only on the wedding seasons. So, while a candidate can be engaged in any permanent jobs, during the wedding seasons, he or she can work in freelance jobs as wedding photographers.


Writing jobs are other popular freelance jobs in Malaysia. If you feel that you are creative and have good writing talent, then you can opt to become a freelance writer. Right from website content to SEO articles, from books to journals to academic writing, there are lots of freelance job options available in writing.

Web designer

Freelance web designers are in good demand in Malaysia. It has been reported that many companies in Malaysia do not have an in-house designer, and hence prefer to hire freelance designers as and when the need arises. Web designer freelance jobs are highly popular in Malaysia. To do well as a freelancer, you should definitely keep yourself updated in UI and UX design and know all the latest tools and technology.

Tourist guide

In Malaysia, candidates can join in freelance tourist guide jobs. But, candidates need to get a license from the Malaysian Tourism Board in order to work as a freelancer. But, yes, it is advisable for candidates to complete a tourist guide course before joining in such freelance jobs. Professional tourist guides in Malaysia can charge anywhere between $250 and $600 for a half-day tour.

Social media marketing

With popularity of digitalization and online marketing, there has been a good demand for social media marketing professionals. The candidates can take up different projects from different clients and work from home as freelancer. Freelance jobs in social media marketing have become very popular in Malaysia these days.

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