Website Redesign – A Basic Checklist to Help You Revamp Your Site Successfully

Who doesn’t like to see improvement in their online business? Everyone of course! Whether you are running an eCommerce website, business portal or anything else on the web, when it comes to redesigning your website, you would like to see the modern design, improved user experience and a lot more. Most of the website design services require a lot more than just a cosmetic change to make the website truly effective, meaningful, and of course appealing.

Of course, you can get help from the professional Website redesign services or can hire a website redesign company to get the head start on the design. But even seasoned Website Redesign Company can make blunders and seek a handy checklist to get the things done rightly. So, what are those points one should ponder while redesign your website? Here is the checklist that will help you achieve the effective results from the redesign of your website.

Decide on what works and what won’t for your website

The very first thing you have to do is to put your existing website under analysis to understand what is wrong with the existing design and how a redesign can help you address it. Try to figure out which pages are visited the most and check the analytics of your website. You should also check the content of your website as it can help you understand in which direction you need to put efforts while redesign your website.

By analyzing the existing content and design components of your website, you can easily measure the effectiveness of your website redesign venture.

Look around for inspiration and tools to SAVE TIME

Time management is one of the critical aspects of a website redesign. Most of the designers and developers often spend most of their time in finding the inspiration or design ideas. And that’s the pain point. If you have hired a website redesign company, you can expect them to provide quick solutions with the help of already available website building options.

Such online tools often provide enough options that can make your redesign a much easier and quicker. If someone has already provided the option, it is not worth to waste time!

Focus more on contents rather than colours and fonts!

With a wide range of options and tools, getting your choice of fonts and visually appealing component is never a tough job. But to make your website redesign truly successful, all aspects of your online business should be improved; and content is a key aspect.

The layout, images, typography, and colors are supportive elements for the success of your website. But if the content is poor, such visual appeal will not work to achieve the desired success. Try to explore the latest content opportunities and market your brand accordingly.

Be attentive when it comes to user experience…

Just like the content of your website, user experience defines how quick and easy your website is when it comes to finding the desired information. The professional website redesign service provider often prompts to choose an attractive theme for your website. However, it is important that you just don’t focus on the theme that is good looking.

Try to understand why users visit your website, how do they find you, and why they leave your website. According to the studies, it is found that online visitors gauge the website usability based on their positive experiences and ease of use. Hence, ensure you pay more attention to redesign your site for better user experience.

Preview website on the devices of different shapes and size!

Do you think your revamped website covers all the targeted users? In today’s time, it is imperative to understand that your website is open for all and not everyone has the same configurations or screen resolutions. Therefore, it is crucial that you rigorously test your website on different browsers. You will also expect mobile audience and thus, make sure you request a website redesign company to test the site on different mobile devices having varying aspect ratio.

Aside to this, it is also worth to validate how effectively call-to-action buttons are utilized in the redesigning of the website. Moreover, check on the content quality, layouts, forms, images, and visual aspects before moving ahead.

So, what’s next?

No one wants to work blindly and thus, you will have to spend enough time for proper planning and define the scope of work before approaching any website redesign service providers. Moreover, you must understand and analyze the analytics of your website before and after the redesigning of your site. Just remember, the numbers play an important role to define the success or failure of your online venture.


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