Logistic Optimization

Foot-falls in brick-and-mortar retail stores are reducing at the rate of 2%-4% every year and e-commerce sales are growing at a pace of 10%-12% CAGR. With this fast pace booming of the e-commerce industry, more and more brick-and-mortar retail shops are redirecting their focus to the e-commerce domain.

This creates the need for effective logistic solutions to structure the flow of products to the customers’ doorstep. The need here is to speed up the delivery process to win a customer in the environment of cut-throat competition.

Delivery management software is a way to avail logistics optimization. It allows the eCommerce and logistic companies to manage product deliveries and other field operations more efficiently, transparently, and profitably.

Let’s see how a delivery management app helps in logistic optimization to smoothen the e-commerce delivery process.

Effective management of leads and services requests:

The software offers end-to-end solutions starting from managing the leads and service requests to final payment tracking after the doorstep delivery. The software functions as a centralized database, wherein all the leads, service requests, and even other business-related information can be kept so that all the stakeholders can access and manage the data at a real-time basis from anywhere at any time.  

Effective Job Scheduling to Speed up the Delivery Process:

As soon as service requests are accepted by the eCommerce company, it’s time to dispatch the shipment, but to manage too many shipments often becomes challenging. Here, delivery scheduling software comes handy. It functions on an automated delivery scheduling algorithm and thus effectively schedule the deliveries by taking into consideration the fastest routes, mode of delivery, availability of delivery agents and other factors.

Real-time Tracking of the Shipment Throughout the Delivery Process:

Once a service request is received and accepted, it is the responsibility of the logistics company to facilitate a fast delivery process to keep the customer base satisfied. For this not just dispatching the shipment at the earliest is necessary but also it needs to be tracked all along the delivery process from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep. Delivery management software provides real-time updates on the shipment’s location-based status.  

Optimum Inventory Management:

Inventory is another key area that leads to successful logistic optimization. While keeping too much stock in the inventory that is not getting utilized for a longer period is to block the business’s capital money, there on the other hand, running short of stocks also delays the shipment dispatching and subsequent delivery. But with the aid of delivery management software, the warehouse manager can monitor and control the inventory in the warehouse smoothly. So that optimum stocks can be maintained

Real-time Updates on Fleet Status:

A delivery system will collapse soon if it is not engaging its customers into the process. Real-time updates on fleet status are the demand of each customer base. Customers don’t just need fast delivery but right after placing their service requests they want to stay informed about the fleet status. The delivery management app can automate the complete process of sending real-time updates related to location and delivery person to all the stakeholders, including the customers.

Wrapping Up

Payment on Delivery is common in e-commerce business. Thus, tracking the on-site payment of the shipment is also an integral part of the overall logistic process. Delivery management software can track the payment of the shipment and easily update the accounts by integrating the accounting tools with the system. Thus, the software is competent in managing every aspect of field operations related to the delivery chain of e-commerce and logistic companies.  

Author Bio: Bhupendra Choudhary holds considerable experience in managing sales leads as the managing Director of FieldCircle – a globally acclaimed construction management software service firm. His experience in a similar role has helped the company earn great success in providing CMMS software services to clients across the globe. 

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