thailand Why Should You Travel to Thailand for Your Honeymoon?

When you think of your honeymoon do you picturise serene beaches, a perfect cushion of golden white powdery sand beneath your feet, mesmerising natural scenic views, romantic boat cruises, exploring a beautiful place with your loved one? If yes, then Thailand is that perfect blend of beaches and islands, that every water baby or a newlywed will fall in love with.

Moreover, the locals of Thailand are not only well versed with Indian culture but are quite warm and friendly too. Those wishing for a magical and romantic honeymoon must surely choose Thailand.

If you are still wondering as to why you should travel to Thailand for your honeymoon, then don’t worry as we have got some strong reasons to pursuing you.

  1. Surreal Beaches

If you are a fan of turquoise blue water splashing around the shore, finely powdered sand beneath your feet and strolling around the beaches witnessing the mesmerising sunrise and sunset views, then Thailand will be a pleasant surprise. There are many beaches in Thailand, but in comparison to Phuket, you will find Krabi beaches less crowded and more appealing. It feels refreshing to sit, relax and hear the soothing sound of crashing waves on these clean beaches.

  1. Exciting Shopping Spree

Who doesn’t like shopping that too when a variety of good quality products are available for reasonable prices? Thailand is one such place where you get to shop from a wide range of products like bags, makeup, footwear, accessories, home décor, souvenirs and every other thing that you can think of and the best part is that there is a lot of scope for bargaining too.

If interested, while exploring these shopping streets you can also enjoy the street food of Thailand with your partner too. Don’t worry even if you are a vegetarian, the place has a lot of food options for you!

  1. Several Indian Dining Options

The main problem that many Indian feel while travelling to foreign countries is the lack of good Indian or vegetarian food. However, you will not feel so in Thailand because wherever you go, in every nook and corner you can easily find an Indian dining restaurant. These restaurants serve authentic Indian flavours which will satiate your hunger pangs surely.

We hope that these reasons would have been enough to pursue you to plan your Thailand honeymoon!


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